SE Asia Stocks-Mostly edge up ahead of quarterly earnings

Oct 23 (Reuters) – Most of the Southeast Asian stocks edged

up on Tuesday in thin trading volume as investors cautiously

bought risky assets ahead of quarterly earning release with

Indonesia and Malaysia seeing mild foreign outflows.

Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam

edged up 0.2 percent each, while the Philippines closed

0.1 percent firmer.

Investors were on the sidelines to see the performance of

the listed firms in the September quarter amid global slowdown

concerns, analysts said.

Malaysia saw an outflow of 5.02 million, while Jakarta

which fell 0.3 percent, witnessed $12.95 million net

foreign selling on Tuesday.

Thailand stock market was closed for a public


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Change on day

Market Current Prev Close Pct Move

TR SE Asia Index 417.33 417.67 -0.08

Singapore 3050.93 3045.67 +0.17

Kuala Lumpur 1664.90 1661.95 +0.18

Jakarta 4330.15 4341.37 -0.26

Manila 5432.32 5424.79 +0.14

Ho Chi Minh 397.71 397.00 +0.18

Change on year

Market Current End prev yr Pct Move

TR SE Asia Index* 417.33 346.30 +20.51

Singapore 3050.93 2646.35 +15.29

Kuala Lumpur 1664.90 1530.73 +8.77

Jakarta 4330.15 3821.99 +13.30

Manila 5432.32 4371.96 +24.25

Ho Chi Minh 397.71 351.55 +13.13

* The Thomson Reuters South East Asia Index is a

highly representative indicator of stocks listed in Indonesia,

Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Stock Market Volume (shares)

Market Current Volume Average Volume 30 days

Singapore 219,270,300 292,244,293

Kuala Lumpur 113,400,400 149,641,037

Jakarta 3,510,995,500 3,801,584,050

Manila 44,612 90,947

Ho Chi Minh 35,300 40,268

($1 = 3.0520 Malaysian ringgits)

(Reporting by Shihar Aneez; Editing by G.Ram Mohan)


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