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Carrie Smith @ ReadyForZero Blog writes How to Work Towards a Financial Goal and Actually Achieve It ? Do you have financial goals that you?ve been working towards, but just can?t seem to get there? We talk about steps you can take to plan for those goals, and achieve them!

Colin Williams @ humble savers writes Dont Insure Your Life ? Insure Your Retirement ? Anything can go wrong as you approach retirement so why not reduce the financial risks?

Mike @ The Financial Blogger writes Make Money From FREE? ? How you can start making money from nothing.

SBB @ Simple Budget Blog writes Budgeting for Singles vs. Families ? Find out how budgeting for a family is different than budgeting as a single person.

JP @ My Family Finances writes Average Family Spending on Christmas Gifts 2012 ? If you want to keep your family budget underneath that average family spending for Christmas gifts, you are better off planning early.

Wealth Effect Blogger @ writes The Debate Over Where Inflation is Headed ? Predictions range from deflation, to little to no change in prices to hyperinflation and everywhere in between.

Miss T. @ Prairie Eco Thrifter writes 7 Steps to Homelessness and What To Do If You Get There ? Do you ever wonder how someone can sink to the point where they can no longer keep a roof over their head? Here is the story of someone I personally know who is nearing that point. Here, from my perspective, is how she got there and what she might want to think about doing before she actually loses her home.



Jeff Rose @ Good Financial Cents writes 65 Home Business Ideas You Can Do From Your Kitchen Table ? Before you get excited about starting your home based business idea, you first have to make sure you have the right tools in place. The main tool is a speedy Internet connection. Most home based businesses will require some sort of Internet connection. With a good Internet connection, you can also take care of a phone and fax. Isn?t technology great? On top of the right tools, you should also have a dedicated office or work space that?s free from distractions. No TV?s! When?s it?s t

FMF @ Free Money Finance writes Best Ways to Make Extra Money: Rent Your Stuff ? Today we?re continuing my series on the best ways to make more money. This time we?re going to focus on how you can earn extra income by renting your stuff.

Martin @ Studenomics writes What to Do After College If You Can?t Find a Job ? How to land a job when you?re stuck in your 20s.

Daisy @ Add Vodka writes Things I Want to Do With My Money ? Last week, I had reason to sit down and think about whether or not I was putting enough money away for my future goals. Despite saving around 35% of my income (+ any extras), it turns out I?m not. I ? Continue reading ?Things I Want to Do With My Money is a post from: When Life Gives You Lemons.

Suba @ Broke Professionals writes Paid Sick Time: What It?s Costing You ? The U.S. is the only industrialized nation without a paid sick time policy, making calling in sick a battle of financial vs. personal health for many.

Daniel @ Sweating the Big Stuff writes Making a Mid-Life Career Change ? The average American will change jobs nine times before reaching their 33rd birthday. Changing your career can be difficult, but these tips can help.

CAPI @ Creating a Passive Income writes How to Earn More and Work Less Using Passive Income ? You have the opportunity to learn something about earning more money with passive income, and I hope you will take advantage.

Vanessa @ Vanessa?s Money writes Myth! Working overtime isn?t worth it because the government takes more than I earn ? For five years I worked for a group of people who argued that working more than 35h a week meant that you?d earn less money after taxes were deducted. I did the math to prove them wrong.



Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey @ My Personal Finance Journey writes The Snowball Effect: Simple, Effective Debt Reduction ? ?When you use the snowball effect, you target one debt at a time, freeing up extra funds to get it paid off faster.? This post defines the ?snowball effect? and how one can use it to pay off debt.

Debt Guru @ Debt Free Blog writes Basic rules of avoiding debt online ? I know firsthand it?s hard to stay debt free and many of my friends laugh at how committed I am to living within my means. What they don?t understand is the freedom I experience in owing absolutely nothing, and how hard it can be to dig your way out of debt accumulated over many years.

Rod @ ROD Blog writes American Express Platinum Card Review ? American Express Platinum Card is one of the most prestigious and expensive card out there. Are the benefits worth the hefty price tag?

Don @ MoneySmartGuides writes Do You Pay For Services You Don?t Use? ? The following post is by MSG staff writer, Shondell of Call Me What You Want, Even Cheap. She blogs about her recent car loan and mortgage pay off of over $95k and a whole bunch more.

Jason @ Live Real Now writes Repo Man ? The repo process varies by state, but the basics don?t change much. The loan holder can file for repossession as soon as the loan agreement is broken. They can repossess with no notice and the borrower is on the hook for the difference between what?s owed and twhat?s recovered during resale. If you get to the point of repossession, you are out of options.



Chris @ The rplan blog writes Greatest investments over the last 15 years ? A personal finance blogger digs deep in his investment/start-up interests and finds out which investments made in the last 15 years were the most lucrative. He also comes up with a little extra ? the greatest investment in history by Pres. Thomas Jefferson.

Pete @ Intelligent Speculator writes What Is The Worst Thing That Could Happen To Your Retirement Income Flows? ? How secure is your retirement income?

SFB @ Simple Finance Blog writes Insidious Examples of Lifestyle Creep ? When we think of lifestyle creep ? aka, lifestyle inflation ? we tend to think of those big ticket items that prove to be budget busters.

Eddie @ Finance Fox writes Are You Wasting Your Money? ? Convenience and happiness don?t always have to equal being wasteful with your money though.

Andy @ Saving to Invest writes How Financial Planners Charge And Understanding Their Fee Structure ? When it comes to costs, or the fees that financial planners charge clients, there are essentially four cost structures according to the financial planning association

Kanwal @ Simply Investing writes Buy or Hold? What does Warren Buffett Think? ? Warren Buffett recently appeared live on CNBC?s Squawk Box for a two-hour interview with Becky Quick.? During their conversation, they discussed a number of issues about the global economey and investing. You can read the complete transcript here.

Crystal @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff writes Sometimes a Little Stain Goes a Long Way! ? Our new house has a breakfast nook right off the kitchen. Our old table doesn?t fit in, but it does now that we stained it!

Hank @ Money Q&A writes Why You Should Consider Selling Your Mutual Funds ? There are times that it is best to just sell your mutual funds and let them go. Things change. Investing philosophies and goals change. Those are some of the reasons to consider selling your mutual funds.

krantcents @ KrantCents writes Why I don?t Have a Bucket List ? Any bucket list is stupid! If you wait to do things or need to put it on a bucket list, you probably won?t do it anyway.

Mike @ Personal Finance Journey writes A Cash Budget ? Its not all bad news ? Handy tips on transition to a cash budget to help curb your spending and give your debt a quick cut.

Corey @ Steadfast Finances writes 5 Unforeseen Expenses That Can Ruin Your Retirement ? Retirement is the culmination of everything we worked hard for throughout the first two-thirds of our lives. It is the time when we can truly start to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Well, ideally, it should be. But what if, before you even start to enjoy your rest and freedom, you discover certain financial obligations that you never even considered before.

Tushar @ Finance TUBE writes Investing 101: The Top Twelve Investing Mistakes ? Today we will talk about the Top Twelve Investing Mistakes. In the last ten years buying and selling the mutual funds in a strategy that has lost money. However you ETFs, Modern Portfolio Theory and semi annual balancing has worked beautifully.

BARBARA FRIEDBERG @ Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance writes HOW TO GET RICH QUIZ ? Secrets of millionaires. Get wealthy, invest, save. Take quiz to find out if you?re on the path to get rich.

Mich @ BeatingTheIndex writes Aroway Energy: On Track to Double Production a Second Year in a Row ? Aroway is a financially strong junior oil producer on the cusp of growing production above the 1,000 barrels per day threshold.

Jennifer Lynn @ Broke-Ass Mommy writes Win $100 Cash with the ?The Importance of an Emergency Fund? Giveaway!! ? Why not win $100? Read about the importance of an emergency fund too

PPlan @ Provident Plan writes Short Term Funding for Household Emergencies ? Short-term financial problems are a part of life. You may have had an unexpected car repair bill, taken a few unpaid sick days from work or received an

Jeff Rose @ Good Financial Cents writes You Should Not Take a 401k Loan ? It?s really quite simple: if you take out a 401k loan, you will make less money during your life. When you take money out of your 401k account, that money stops growing. Considering that growth happens exponentially, a few hundred dollars today could cost you thousands by the time you retire.

Roger Wohlner @ The Chicago Financial Planner writes Need Post-Election Financial Advice? Try the 1% Solution ? You don?t have much control over external factors such as the political landscape. Control what you can control and bump up your retirement savings now while it is top of mind.



TRL @ The Retired Landlord writes Should You Buy a Fixer-Upper? ? Deciding whether you should buy a fixer-upper as a real estate investment is all about weighing the time commitment with the savings in the asking price.

Corey @ 20s Finances writes Buying Your First Home: How Much House Can You Afford ? We are planning our first home purchase. When doing our research, we found popular guides to determining how much house you can afford.



TDB @ Tax Deduction Blog writes How Do I Deduct Points Paid on My Mortgage? ? Due to improvements in the home markets across US, more and more families are on the look out to buy a home. When you own a property with equity, not only do you gain financial benefits but also receive advantages in terms of tax, one among which is points being deducted on mortgage. In your?


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