Cisco Exec Vows To Hunt Down Leak – Business Insider

Cisco is being ridiculed by the media thanks to an an executive’s vow to hunt down an employee leaking emails.

Here’s the story: An employee leaked an email to a blogger that frequently writes about Cisco, Brad Reese.? So Cisco vice president of services Mike Quinn, a former CIA operations officer, sent an email bashing the person who leaked it, asking the person to resign, admitting that the person probably won’t and then saying that person will become his “hobby.”

Naturally, someone sent Quinn’s email to the same blogger, Brad Reese, and it didn’t take long for it to go viral from there.

The leaked emails are part of a bigger firestorm Cisco has been facing over a bid it submitted to the California State University system that was $100 million more than the other guys.

The threatening email is awful but the company is taking an undue amount of heat over it. GigaOM’s Stacey Higginbotham bashes Cisco, saying tongue-in-cheek,? “What a delightful work environment.”

The problem isn’t that employees are leaking emails about an overpriced bid. The problem is the overpriced bid in the first place.

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