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winter team building activities

Understandably, not many people would fancy spending a freezing cold, wet Wednesday in February chasing around a field in the name of ?team building?.? Far from increasing morale and enhancing inter-department relationships, this kind or near-torture is more likely to have the opposite effect and have your employees reaching for the positions vacant section in the local newspaper.

Thankfully, there are many different kinds of team building activities that work extremely well in the winter.? Indoor team building activities can be tailored to suit your exact business needs or selected to target certain areas such as communication, time management or decision making. ?And best of all, the team building sessions can be as fun and informal as you want.

Indoor team building activities can either be used on their own or as part of a bigger corporate event such as a conference or AGM.? Smaller, mini team building activities work well as ice-breakers and can be incorporated into your office Christmas party as between course entertainment or as a bit of light hearted fun once everyone has finished eating.

Lack of space isn?t an issue with winter team building activities.? Just because the events are held inside, it doesn?t mean you have to think small, indeed we can cater for small teams of 8 or so, right up to 1700 delegates.

Some of the most popular indoor team building activities are based around well-known quiz and game shows. Not only are these great fun for the delegates to participate in, but the nature of them ensures that everyone can get involved, regardless of age or any disabilities?unlike many outdoor team building activities. ?These types of events also make great conference and Christmas party fillers and gift the management a chance to let their hair down and show the rest of the team their fun side, especially when they do their best Bruce Forsyth impression.

For mentally challenging winter team building activities that will ensure that your team hone the skills that they require for their roles within your company, our Team Apprentice and Investor?s Den make great choices.? Creative types may prefer a Catwalk Challenge or a Film Making team building exercise.? But if you want a team building activity that is just for fun, why not relive the memory of the summer Olympics and hold an Office Olympics using our giant Wii.

Of course, if you really do want to have a more energetic and physical team building activity we can accommodate your wishes; from mini indoor It?s a Knockout events to a Crystal Maze themed team building event we?ve got it covered.

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