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  • Top 4 Facebook rules to avoid being kicked off from network

    Calcutta News.Net – Friday 16th November, 2012

    Very few of us read the lengthy terms and conditions when we sign up for anything, but social networking site Facebook has some very strict rules that might lead us being de-friended by the network …

  • Children as young as six embroiled in Facebook rows

    Calcutta News.Net – Friday 16th November, 2012

    Teachers in Australian schools have been forced to break up fights relating to social networking site Facebook between children as young as six, while some teenagers are secretly running two …

  • GOP official predicts Obama will go to hell after dying

    Calcutta News.Net – Friday 16th November, 2012

    Virginia GOP official Bob FitzSimmonds has posted a comment on his Facebook page predicting President Barack Obama’s eternal damnation. “When Obama is 90 years old and he dies and goes to Hell, he …

  • Twitter launches new email sharing feature for tweets

    Calcutta News.Net – Friday 16th November, 2012

    Micro-blogging platform Twitter is soon going to enable a new feature to its website interface, which will make it easier for users to share a tweet via emails. “You can email a Tweet to anyone, …

  • Facebook offers $10 to each of its Sponsored Stories victims

    The Register – Friday 16th November, 2012

    A US judge is considering a revised settlement proposal from Facebook in the class action suit over Sponsored Stories. Facebook is trying to settle the case brought by folks ticked off that the …

  • New Social Media Policy for Police

    Hispanic Business Magazine – Friday 16th November, 2012

    Borough council approved a new social media policy Thursday night at its monthly meeting upon recommendation of police Chief Todd Owens. The resolution establishes the police department’s …

  • Social Media Is New Front in Hamas And Israel War

    Hispanic Business Magazine – Friday 16th November, 2012

    Twitter spats might not seem to be of great consequence in a region where disputes are settled by air strikes and rocket attacks – but in the propaganda war between Hamas and the Israeli army it has …

  • Start-ups must embrace the Net

    IT Web – Friday 16th November, 2012

    In SA, 80% of small businesses fail within their first four years of operation, yet SMEs are the strongest engines of job creation, accounting for 68% of employment. GM of MWeb Connect, Carolyn …

  • Information workers turn inbox workers

    IT Web – Friday 16th November, 2012

    While e-mail is not perfect, it seems information workers are reluctant to adopt other, more social, tools says Mimecast SA’s Christelle Hicklin. Information workers’ reliance on e-mail …

  • Gaza Twitter War Intensifies over Pictures of Infant Casualties

    Common Dreams – Friday 16th November, 2012

    Pictures emerged of BBC cameraman Jihad Misharawi’s 11-month-old son Omar, who was killed on Wednesday during an Israeli attack. Misharawi’s sister-in-law also died in the strike on Gaza …

  • Mobile App Marketing Guidelines

    Search Engine Watch – Friday 16th November, 2012

    Acquiring downloads and installs of a mobile app isn’t easy. With millions of apps available on iTunes and through Google Play, getting your application to stick out above the rest is quite …

  • Facebook Gifts Gets More Retail Partners Still Rolling Out to Users

    Web Pro News – Friday 16th November, 2012

    rescheduled due to Hurricane Sandy ), Facebook announced new partners for the ecommerce initiative as well as a global expansion of it that will see it roll out to millions more users. According to …

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