Vimeo updates Apple TV app with easier navigation, Vimeo On Demand trailers

Vimeo has updated their app for the Apple TV, simplifying navigation and adding trailers Vimeo On Demand, among other new features. The app will update on your Apple TV automatically.

The menu has been moved to the top of the screen to allow for quick access to different sections. The main Vimeo section, My Feed, Watch Later, My Videos, Search, and Settings, are now all more readily available. The Vimeo section contains things like the top videos of 2013, along with the new Staff Favorites album, which catalouge the staff picks from the previous month.

Vimeo On Demand trailers give you a look at the different full-length films available on Vimeo. You can watch a trailer, much as you can in the Trailers app on the Apple TV, and then select the Later button to add it to your Watch Later queue. Purchase it when you’re ready, and it will appear both in the Watch Later section and in My Videos.

This update also adds content filter, a “more” button to find more videos by particular creators, and more hidden features. What do you think of the new Vimeo experience on the Apple TV? Leave your thoughts below in the comments.

Source: Vimeo

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